Date: 07.10.2022

About Us

Since 1969 our company has been in Spice sector; through manufacturing, marketing and selling high quality Spices which is our main business and profession. Recently, third generation of Tufan family is managing the company. Tufan Baharat purchases directly from producers and serves the best quality spices at the best prices for You.

Tufan Baharat is identified with zero hot Red Sweet Pepper. Tufan Baharat products' which are manufactured with zero hot Geyve region's peppers, obtained a rightful fame both in interior and exterior markets. Besides zero hot sweet red pepper, we also produce and sell all kinds of spices and seasonings; chili pepper, cummin, mint, sumac, coriander, thyme, linden, bay leaves, barbeque, meat, kebab, salad, fish, pizza and Ottoman mixtures.

We are packaging the products in 10 gr, 100 gr, 250 gr, 500 gr, 1 kg, 5 kg, 10 kg and 25 kg weights upon to our esteemed clients' demands. Furthermore, Tufan Baharat imports; Dehydrated Onion and Garlic from India and China, Black and White Pepper from Vietnam according to the sector's seasonal demands.

Germany, England, Romania, Albania, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Russia, Kosovo, Romania, USA, Holland, Belgium, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Switzerland, North Cyprus Turkish Republic and Greece are our export area, we also take place at the Middle Eastern and European markets with our high quality products at the compatible prices.

Tufan Baharat is member of Sakarya Chamber of Commerce, Sakarya Trade Exchange and Istanbul Exporters Union.