Date: 07.10.2022


Family                        : Lamiace

Latin                           : Salvia officinalis

French                       : Sage

English                      : Sage

German                     : Salbei

Used Parts               : Leaves, stem and blossoms.

Use for Health    : Brew 1-2 dessert spoon of sage leaves, stems and blossoms in 1 glass of water fro 10 minutes. Afterwards filter the mixture and drink 3 times in a day.Sage is antioxcidant, decontaminate the liver, Digestive and sedative.

Cuisine                     : You may use Tufan Sage in soups, salads, grills, galantines, tuna fish, sauces and stuffeds.

Additional Info    : Sage is demulcent for diabetics. Digestive, getter and diuretic. Reduces excessive perspiration during the night. Stimulus for uteric muscles. Regulates the menstruation. Contains estrogen. Lowers the pain in menopause.