Date: 27.06.2022


With his indispensable sourish aroma, Tufan Sumac has been presented to You since 1969, after a meticulous production process.....

Family                         : Anacardiaceae

Latin                            : Rhus coriaceae

French                        : Sumac

English                       : Sumac

German                      : Sumach

Used Parts                : Dehydrated ripe fruit

Use for Health          : Brew like tea and drink.
Cuisine                      : Another flavoring spice specific to South Eastern of Turkey which has got a sour taste and generally used in salads( green salads, tomato, fresh onion) and yogurt kebabs. Because of his sourish antiseptic characteristic, its highly recommended for salads besides flavor. Usually, grounded(powder) Sumac is preffered for usage since its tough kernel may harm teeth. Grounded Sumac is sprinkled onto meals, particularly olive oil dishes.

Cosmetic                    : None.

Additional Info       : Also named; Somak, tetri, tekri. There are several kinds of Sumac and many are toxic. Reader must be careful and sure for non-toxic sumac if he/she collects the sumac him/herself.

Nutritional Value     : Content of 1 gr Sumac;

• 0,04 mg protein
• 0,11 mg oil
• 0,017 mg sucrose
• 15,96 mg tannin