Date: 07.10.2022

Cinnamon Bark

Family                        : Lauraceae

Latin                           : Cinnamum Zeylanicum

French                       : Cannelle

English                      : Cinnamon

German                     : Zimt

Used Parts                 : Cinnamon trees' peels.

Use for Health        : 10 grs. Cinnamon is brewed in 1/2 lt. water and drunk. Cinnamon,  protects You from cold and flu, prevents acne, pimple and fungal infections because of it's antiinflammatory character, strenghtens osteoid system and memory, relieves myalgia, balances blood sucrose,

Cuisine                   :  You can use Tufan Cinnamon in dairy desserts, saleps, cakes, chocolate cakes, crepes, pancakes, apple pies, fruit compotes and ice creams. Cinnamon Pipe is a sanative winter drink tea if brewed with linden and clove, also an exotic drink with hot wine and punch. Cinnamon flavors lamb meat, pork roast and some sauces.

Cosmetic                  :  Used in production of toothpastes and halitosis sprays.

Additional Info      :  B.C 2700 Cinnamon has begun to be used in China. A.D 66, Neron of Rome has burned out as much amount Cinnamon in his wife's funeral as Arabia harvested in a year.

Nutritional Value : 1 gr Cinnamon contains;

• 3,53  calori
• 45,88 mg protein
• 21,76 mg oil
• 16 mg calcium
• 798,24 mg carbonhydrate
• 0,47 mg phosphor
• 1,41 meg thiamine
• 2,12 meg riboflavin
• 2,35 units vitamin A