Date: 07.10.2022

Turmeric Powder

Family                        : Zingiberaceae

Latin                            : Curcuma longa

French                        : Curcuma

English                       : Turmeric

German                      : Kurkuma-Gelbwurzel

Used Parts                : Stem(powder)

Use for Health       : Turmeric is being used for cancer cure. Eliminates rheumatic and joint aches, balances diabets and cholesterol, strenghtens immune and digestion system.  

Cuisine                     : You may use Tufan Turmeric in; rice, every macaroni and paste dishes, fish soups and mayonaisse. Also can be put into grated raw and bechamel sauce added celery salads. Flavors lamb and pork meat, galantines and Spanishs' famous seafood "paella". Turmeric is also used in Indians' Curry spice mixture.

Cosmetic                : None

Additional Info     : Also called; Indian Saffron, saffron stem, yellow color. According to ancient Indian Medicine; 1 teaspoon turmeric is added into 1 glass hot milk to prevent epistaxis and drink in the morning and at night per 1 glass. For children use derease the dose to half.

Nutritional Value : 1 gr. Turmeric contains;

• 3,68 calori
• 85,79 mg protein
• 88,95 mg oil
• 2 mg calcium
• 698,95 mg carbonhydrate
• 2,58 mg phosphor
• 0,89 mcg thiamine
• 1,89 mcg riboflavin