Date: 07.10.2022


Family                          : Labiatae
Latin                             : Rosmarinus officinalis

French                         : Romarin

English                        : Rosemary

German                       : Rosmarin

Used Parts                 : Leaves and Blossoms

Use for Health         : Brew 7-10 grs. Rosemary in 1/2 water, You may drink before or after meal. Highly recommended for indigestion and constipation. Strenghtens the memory and immune system, increases concentration, quickens blood circulation, lowers the migraine and head aches....

Cuisine                    : You may Use wispy Tufan Rosemary in; steamed fish, sauced chicken, meaty dishes, boiled meats and vegetables(pea, casserole). while cooking and taken out after cooked.  You may cook saute mushrooms in the same way. Also could be used in potato, tomato and zucchini dishes, omelette, soups, sauces and salads.

Cosmetic                 : To get rid of dandruffs in the hair; Rinse out your hairs with Rosemary tea after washing. Also gives hair vividness. If added to bathing water it freshens the body and tightens the pores..

Additional Info      : Also named; KuĊŸdili, hasalban. Raymundus Lullus distilled Rosemary Oil in 1330. In Algeria, Rosemary Leaves are dried and converted in powder for childrens' wounds.