Date: 07.10.2022

Black Pepper Powder

Family                        : Piperaceae

Latin                           : Piper nigrum

French                       : Poivre

English                      : Black Pepper Powder

German                     : Pfeffer

Used Parts               : Fruit

Use for Health       : Black Pepper is very digestive in case you prepare a sauce with mint and cinnamon. It increases the salva generation if  grains are chewed. According to Dr. Bouchardat black pepper is a snack for anemics. 1-2 gr.daily usage has an impact of aphrodisiac. It stops cough, prevents flu, empowers metabolism, immune and digestion system. Salubrious for teeth, skin, ocular and hairs. A natural antidepressant and sedative.

Cuisine                 : You may use Tufan Black Pepper almost in all dishes. Vegetable, chicken and fish soups, meat sauces(barbeque) meaty, vegetable, olive dishes, meaty stuffeds and delicatessen. Black Pepper does not change the taste of sauces. Black Pepper can be used while cooking and also after the meal for taste and aroma..

Cosmetic                     : None

Additional Info        : Black and White Peppers are the same tree's vegetables, but black pepper is snatched before ripens and its peel remains on it whereas White Pepper is snatched after ripened and peeled out. For this action White Peppers are immersed.  Both Black and White peppers have got the same aroma and taste.

Nutritional Value    : 1 gr Black Pepper contains;

• 3,91 calori
• 103,91 mg protein
• 102,17 mg oil
• 4 mg calcium
• 664,78 mg carbonhydrate
• 1,608 mg phosphor
• 0,695 meg thiamine
• 2,087 meg riboflavin
• 1,739 units vitamine A