Familya                     : Iridaceae

Latin                           : Crocus sativa

French                       : Safran

English                      : Saffron

German                     : Safran

Used Parts               : Dehydrated Stigma

Use for Health       : 0,5-1 gr Saffron is brewed in 1 lt. water and drunk 2-3 cups in a day. Saffron is anti-carcinogenic, anti depressant and aphrodisiac. Regulates blood circulation.

Cuisine                    :  A highly valuable spice. Sold fibriform in small packages. By melting in hot water, it is used in particularly rice, zerde, fish soups and risotto. Also You may add into tripe soup, bakery dishes, Indian sauces, Spanish "Paella", lamb meat and some chicken dishes. Its highly recommended to leave the saffron in some milk during the night before using in rice.

Cosmetic                : Perfume and Cologne production.

Additional Info    : Saffron is the most expensive spice in the world so its open to deception. In order to increase the weight saturated with paraffin, syrup, oil and honey. According to Ancient Tibet Medicine; Saffronis good for liver diseases, to the Chineese's; its good for gall bladder. Saffron eases the emergence of babies' teeth, by rubbing the babies' gums after grond the saffron until being powder.
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