Family                         : Labiatae

Latin                            : Ocimum basilicum

French                        : Basilic

English                       : Basil

German                      : Basilienkraut

Used Parts              :  Dehydrated leaf and blossom.

Use for Health      : Basil is an antioxidant and good for diarrhea, stomach ache, gastric ulcer, digestion and aphthae. Brew 1 dessert spoon Basil in 1 cup of water and drink after meal. Cuıre for mouth aphthaes; Brew 100 grs. Basil in 1 lt. water and gargle. Chew 5 grs. Fresh Basil everyday that provides  a human's daily need of; 6% vitamine A, 2% vitamine C, 1% Iron, 27% vitamine K, 3% manganese, 1% Calcium.

Cuisine                 : You may use Tufan Basil in all kinds of sauces, vegetable and meaty dishes( lamb, veal, pork, gulash, beef strogonof), soups, fish dishes, cabbage dishes, green salads and omelettes. Basil can be used instead of Oregano. 

Cosmetic              : Basil can be used for bottom face and neck care. Tease a handful fresh Basil out and rest it in Almond oil for 4-5 days then apply on with a gently massage. Afterwards clean your face with a cotoon sopped in rose water.

Additional Info   : Also named; Fesliğen, peslan, reyhan otu. (Sweet Basil has more dark color, aroma and larger leaves than basil, thus the Basil dosage should be lower in use). In Mediterranean region(France, Italy, Spain and Turkey) You may see many Basil in flowerpot in front of the windows in villages and counties' to prevent the mosquitos also for a nice decoration. 
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