Coconut Powder

Family                    : Mynsticaceae

Latin                       : Myristica fragrans

French                    : Noix de muscade

English                   : Nutmeg

German                  : Muskatnuss

Used Parts            : Partial Seed (nutmeg)

Use for Health           : Coconut Powder which has been using for centuries in India, has got so many health benefits. Coconut highly contains saturated and unsaturated fats those are used in Alzheimer and epilepsy treatments. Coconut is a fiber store; approximately 61%, by this feature it slows down the glucose excretion, converts into energy and transfers to cells so it reduces the risk diabetic improvement. Coconut balances diabetics, cholesterol stops aging vomit and nausea, strenghtens immune system, melts abdominal fat, struggles against bacterium and cancer, prevents urinary tract infections and is good for pregnants, skin, hair, oral hygenie and bones.

Cuisine                   : You may use Tufan Coconut in potato and vegetable mash as powder or grated. Also in bechamel sauces, some kind of bakeries, and sprinkled on  pudings and desserts. In potato dishes, meatballs, mashs, bechamel sauces, soups, mushroom dishes, each kind of cheese beer nuts, cauliflower, some kind of cakes(by mixing with cinnamon, glove and allspices) and can be added into hot wine.

Cosmetic               : In some perfumes and soaps.

Additional Info            : Also named; Cevizibevva, pespase, coconut blossom. Küçük hindistancevizinin üzerinde bulunan derimsi kabuk "besbase" sarımsı, turuncu veya kırmızımtırak renkte olur; rendelenerek kullanılır. Kokusu hoş, tadı baharlı, esans açısından da zengindir.

Nutritional Value          : 1 gr Coconut contains;
• 5,79 calori
• 74,21 mg protein
• 388,95 mg oil
• 2 mg calcium
• 473,16 mg carbonhydrate
• 2 mg phosphor
• 3,58 mcg thiamine
• 2,47 mcg riboflavin
• 1,05 units vitamine A
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