Tufan Oregano; another magnificent spice from Turkish loams'...Flavor and Health store.....

Family                : Labiatae

Latin                    : Thymus vulgaris

French                : Thym

English               : Thyme

German             : Thymian

Used Parts       : Stem, leaf and blossom.

Use for Health  : Steep 20-30 grs oregano in 1 lt. hot water and drink a few times during the day. Externally; Oregano and bran mixed with hot water,untill becoming mushy then apply on the painful area on your body.

Cuisine             : In all meat grills(chop, steak, tenderloin etc.), various pastry dishes; especially pizzas'. Preferably a little amount can be used in Spaghetti sauces, mushroom dishes, tomato salads and tomato, zucchini and eggplant stuffeds. Also can be added for a delicious meal in; vegetable soups, meaty dishes, venison, fish, some mixtures for stuffeds, tomato sauces, all kind of vegetables and egg dishes.

Cosmetic           : Steep like tea and rub on your face. If vaporized it cleans the pores and balances the activities of sebaceous glands.

Additional Info  : Also named; Nemamulotu, Karabaş thyme. More than hundred of Oregano kinds grow in the world, just in Turkey there are 40 types were assigned, all used  for remedy also. In Adapazarı region, oregano powder and honey are mixed with and used for psoriasis therapy. Dribble a few drops to your cushion and see how it stops the cough during the night.

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