Sweet Red Pepper

Since 1969, we have been producing the sweetest and the most natural pepper with "Tufan Baharat" distinction....

Family                         :

Latin                             : Capsicum annum

French                         : Piment rouge, Poivre de cayenne

English                        : Paprika, Cayenne pepper, Red pepper

German                       : Paprika, Cayennepfeffer

Origin                           : Geyve region in Türkiye

Use for Health           : 1-2 gr. sweet red pepper is put in capsule as pill. Also mixed with honey.

Cuisine                     : Can be used in almost all kind of dishes both for flavoring and coloring; salads, pasties, Circassian chicken, egg, Hungarian national dish ''Gulash'', soups, meaty dishes, some kind of sauces and Italian spaghetti tomato sauce...

Cosmetic                     : None

Additional Info         : Also named; Indian Pepper, Hungarian Pepper, Turkish Pepper. Prevents the cold; if cooked with egg and eaten. To get rid of depression; (Ayur Veda:Ancient Indian Medicine) 1,5 gr. sweet red pepper, 1,5 gr. black pepper are mixed with 1 dessert spoon honey and drunk with milk. Sweet Red Pepper; contains more C vitamine than orange that Increases the body resistance against infection and Empowers the immune system with its rich beta carotene content. Stimulates Gastric Juice and Salva generation, Expedites digestion, Reduces the rheumatic, joint and tooth aches, Annihilates Charley Horse,  is used for Cancer treatment, helps Perspiration, Therapeutic for many diseases-mainly the Gout, good for Healing caugh and Sore throat, natural Sedative for neuraticals, prevents Excessive weight and fat.

Nutrition Value         : Content of 1 gr Sweet Red Pepper
• 3,7 calori
• 603,2 mg carbonhydrate
• 104,2 mg oil
• 137,9 mg protein
• 3 mg phosphor
• 2 mg calcium
• 6 meg thiamine
• 13,6 meg riboflavin
• 578,9 units Vitamin A
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