The greenest, the most valuable and pungent one; Turkish Mint...We have been cherished this diversity with Tufan Mint quality for years...

Family                       :

Latin                          : Mentha piperata

French                      : Menthe

English                     : Mint

German                    : Pfefferminze

Used Parts              : Leaves and blossoms

Use for Health       : Brew 20-30grs. mint in 1 lt. water if You  drink after meal it prevents snooze, in case of over drink causes insomnia. In case brewed with lemon, it is good for stomach aches and flu. You can use it externally as an antispetic.

Cuisine                   : Tufan mint can be used in various kind of soups(lentil, spring, and yogurt soup), yogurt sauces(cacik, haydari etc.) every kind of salads, stuffeds, pumpkin and carrot sauces. Also can be added to refreshing non-alcoholic drinks and herbal teas.

Cosmetic                 : Curative for oily skins and enlarged pores; brew 30 grs Tufan Mint int 1/2 lts. water like tea and apply it on your face with  cotton. Also used for gargling for sore throat. Mint is being used in toothpaste production. 

Additional Info    :  Also named;  PepperMint, FülfüliMint  7 types of Mint grows in Anatolia. Each kind of Mint is sanative. According to Assyrian and Babylon; Mint is good for lazy stomach, for Hebrews; Mint is aphrodisiac, for  famous ancient medic Dioscoride; Mint is good for weak stomach, for Trousseau Mint is good for vomit,  for Dr. Leclerc and Dr.Heilly; Mint is helpful for "love games".
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