Sweet Basil

Family                  : Labiatae

Latin                     : Ocimum basilicum

French                  : Basilic

English                 : Sweet Basil

German                 : Basilienkraut

Used Parts            : Dried Leaves and Blossoms.

Usage                    : 1 dessert spoon of Sweet Basil can be boiled in a cup of water and drunk after meals.

Cuisine                  : It can be used in every kind of sauced vegetable and meaty dishes, soups, beefsteaks, fish meals, and salads. Sweet Basil can replace thyme.  

Cosmetic               : Used for care; neck and lower part of face. A handful Sweet Basil is rested in almond oil for 4-5 days and afterwards it can be rubbed on to face and neck with a lightly massage. After a while you can clean your face with a cotton dipped in rose oil. 

Additional Info       : Sweet Basil in flowerpots are used in France, Italy and Turkey, front of windows to keep mosqiutos away...
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